Plants of Hawai`i

Laua'e Fern
Native plants of Hawai`i-Species that arrived before human contact.
Endemic – found only in Hawai`i. More than 95% of Native Plants are endemic.
Indigenous – plants that also occur in other geographic areas
Early Polynesian Introductions – Plants brought by early Polynesians on their voyaging canoes and considered very important in early Hawaiian culture.

  • Ohia – Native, Endemic – the “pioneer tree” – the first species to populate a cooled lava flow
  • Koa– Native, Endemic – the KING of Hawaiian trees
  • Iliahi (Sandalwood) – Native, Endemic – once abundant on Hawaii Island, now very rare
  • Kukui – Polynesian Introduced, Indigenous – The STATE TREE of Hawaii – The ancient symbol of enlightenment, the revered kukui or candlenut tree has provided oil, light, adornment and medicine for centuries
  • Kolea – Native, Endemic- Found in Ohia forests
  • Alahe’e – Native, Indigenous shrub
  • Maile – Native, Endemic vine
  • Mao Hau Hele – Native, Endemic, Endangered – The STATE FLOWER of Hawaii
  • Ulei – Native, Indigenous
  • Kalo (Taro) – Polynesian Introduced, Indigenous – a vital part of the spiritual, nutritional and agricultural culture of the Hawaiian people.

Kolea lau li'i UkiukiKoa TreeKoa foliagebaby koaMa'o hau hele Ko, sugarcane (canoe plant) Ohia Lehua, orangeHapu fern

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  • Life at Keolamauloa

    ohia lehua in the backyard Sally sanding her work outside the studio. bees in the garden with the cosmos eggplant Koi pond and waterfall outside the Mauka room our pig bische