Plants of Hawai`i

Laua'e Fern
Native plants of Hawai`i-Species that arrived before human contact.
Endemic – found only in Hawai`i. More than 95% of Native Plants are endemic.
Indigenous – plants that also occur in other geographic areas
Early Polynesian Introductions – Plants brought by early Polynesians on their voyaging canoes and considered very important in early Hawaiian culture.

  • Ohia – Native, Endemic – the “pioneer tree” – the first species to populate a cooled lava flow
  • Koa– Native, Endemic – the KING of Hawaiian trees
  • Iliahi (Sandalwood) – Native, Endemic – once abundant on Hawaii Island, now very rare
  • Kukui – Polynesian Introduced, Indigenous – The STATE TREE of Hawaii – The ancient symbol of enlightenment, the revered kukui or candlenut tree has provided oil, light, adornment and medicine for centuries
  • Kolea – Native, Endemic- Found in Ohia forests
  • Alahe’e – Native, Indigenous shrub
  • Maile – Native, Endemic vine
  • Mao Hau Hele – Native, Endemic, Endangered – The STATE FLOWER of Hawaii
  • Ulei – Native, Indigenous
  • Kalo (Taro) – Polynesian Introduced, Indigenous – a vital part of the spiritual, nutritional and agricultural culture of the Hawaiian people.

Kolea lau li'i UkiukiKoa TreeKoa foliagebaby koaMa'o hau hele Ko, sugarcane (canoe plant) Ohia Lehua, orangeHapu fern

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  • Life at Keolamauloa

    Kaye working in her greenhouse. Onions Lovely ladies. keith and anthony's irrigation setup organic fruitfly traps Keith making a surfboard out of gathered Agave wood.