Kia'i, Sally, & Keith in the kalo (taro).

Kia’i, Sally, & Keith in the kalo (taro).

A work in progress… Fresh, locally grown food for our family is the goal of our gardens and property plantings. We grow taro, avocados, sweet potato, banana, and a variety of other fruits and vegetables.

The primary project at Keolamauloa over the past years has been working toward the restoration of the native forest and wildlife habitat. When (Sally’s parents) arrived here in 1983 they faced the daunting task of reclaiming a treasure that had been neglected for many years. Guinea grass and scrub guava dominated what had once long ago been a native Ohi’a forest. Fallen cyprus trees were buried in the head-high weeds. Now 30+ years later we have cleared and planted over 300 native trees and plants. With the guidance and support of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), we are restoring the native forest and creating wildlife habitat to preserve and protect our fragile ecosystem.

Kaye is passionate about native forest restoration. With help from NRCS, and many volunteers, she and her friend Rod have begun a much larger stewardship project – the restoration of a 40 acre native forest, not far from Keolamauloa. Link here for more information on Ka Malu o Niupe’a.

Ulei, waiting to be planted

Ulei, waiting to be planted

..and eat!

Kaye taking a break from harvesting Yacon!

Keith weedeating under the Kukui

Keith, weedeating under the Kukui trees.

  • From our Guestbook

    If you want to get away from the commercial touristic experience of Hawaii this is the place to stay at. The two-bedroom rental is charming and fully functional with full kitchen, outside BBQ and Hot tub! This place will give you a sense of the local life style, making you feel at home and never wanting to leave. I have stayed twice at the Keolamauloa farm and my wife and I can't wait to come back.
    Jean-René (Calgary, Canada)

    This is our favorite place to stay on the island. The property is warm and inviting, and even has a hot tub! They're solar operated, grow several varieties of fruits and veggies, have a huge pet pig, a chicken coop, etc. This part of the island also has endless opportunity for exploration.
    Rebecca H.

  • Life at Keolamauloa

    Onions Taro, almost ready to harvest fresh eggs little bad Aka watermelon young cherry tomatoes