Planting – An Act of Hope

Luke, Kia'i, and the pumpkin.

Many years ago, Glenn Yarborough wrote and recorded a song titled “Take it One More Round”. A line in the chorus has remained with me “…every time a baby’s born, God tells mankind, ‘Take it one more round”. Making the decision to raise up a child is an Act of Hope for the Future.

Planting seeds in the Spring is an act of HOPE for the Harvest. Planting with children takes Hope to the next level.  A few weeks ago…we had PERFECT planting weather – a cool misty evening and the moon was full. Kia’i and her friend, Luke set out to plant a GIANT Pumpkin seedling. First they collected  compost from the pig pen…Luke squealed when he saw all the worms…” I LOVE Compost”; then  they took turns digging the hole and mixing the soil with their compost; in went the  the GIANT Pumpkin seedling. They carefully patted the soil and mulched the plant with straw. With anticipation they wondered as they worked…”when will it be ready?…how huge will it get?”

Sophia and Kawika

Just like with the tiny baby, the little seedling will unfold slowly into the promise that is within. We patiently wait with HOPE for the Future and for the Harvest. Luke and Kia’i’s pumpkin will mature in the Fall and a new baby is preparing to  join our family in the Fall. Kawika and Sophia will welcome their first child in November.
All of this – a Celebration of Hope.

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    If you want to get away from the commercial touristic experience of Hawaii this is the place to stay at. The two-bedroom rental is charming and fully functional with full kitchen, outside BBQ and Hot tub! This place will give you a sense of the local life style, making you feel at home and never wanting to leave. I have stayed twice at the Keolamauloa farm and my wife and I can't wait to come back.
    Jean-René (Calgary, Canada)

    This is our favorite place to stay on the island. The property is warm and inviting, and even has a hot tub! They're solar operated, grow several varieties of fruits and veggies, have a huge pet pig, a chicken coop, etc. This part of the island also has endless opportunity for exploration.
    Rebecca H.

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