Volunteering in the Forest

Tree planting at Hakalau Wildlife Refuge

I spent a  great weekend in March with my son Jake and friends out planting native trees at Hakalau National Wildlife Refuge  on the windward slope of Mauna Kea. Here – on 32,000 acres – a Native Forest is being restored and building habitat for rare and endanged native birds. In the past 20 years volunteers have planted 400,000 koa, ohia and other native plants. Native Plants of Hawai’i are species that arrived here before human contact – by wing (birds), by water or by wind. Of these plants 95% are found endemic, meaning they are found ONLY in Hawai’i. Our island home is a treasure and we have a responsibility to preserve and protect it. Members of our family have visited there to volunteer several times, and it’s a great weekend of service. To learn more about volunteering, visit Friends of Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge.

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